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Believing that God has called and ordained the ministry of Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center to be a reflection of Christ’s unconditional love and mercy, we prize every life, born and unborn. We seek to offer a community of restoration in the midst of brokenness, declaring worth in God’s eyes unto all whom we minister His healing grace. It is our desire to serve as sculptors of the soul to those whose cry is unheard by the ears of the world. Therefore, we exist to point them to the Creator of all our parts, the Author of our wholeness, the Lover of complete impostors, the Lord of the masked and the unseen, the One who’s got the whole world in His hands with room left over, welcoming you and me and them, and turning it all into us.

Who We Are...

The CCPC was chartered in 1986 and opened to the public in March of 1987 as a safe and confidential place for young women and their families to discuss pregnancy related issues. The CCPC is a Christ centered ministry fulfilling many community needs, always free of charge, through three main programs.

  1. The Pregnancy Program helps young women involved in an unplanned pregnancy who often feel vulnerable and afraid. The CCPC walks with these women and provides peer counseling, prenatal classes, parenting classes, maternity clothes and essential materials like diapers, clothing, blankets, etc.
  2. Through our Sexual Risk Avoidance Program, students receive truthful education about the physical and emotional risks of sexual activity outside of marriage. By presenting an abstinence-only message in area public and private schools, we are able to impart the truth of each person’s intrinsic value and worth.
  3. The Abortion Recovery Program seeks to minister healing to those who have experienced abortion. Our safe and confidential in-depth peer-counseling program and Bible study walks individuals through the process of understanding and accepting God’s forgiveness and immense love.

Youth and adults alike find caring and supportive staff and volunteers at the CCPC. We don’t just help someone in a crisis situation; we walk with them through a life changing experience and help them find a positive outcome to create a better future for them, their family, and our community. The CCPC also encourages community awareness of its services by providing speakers and information to churches, civic organizations, businesses, and other interested individuals.

Our Goals...

The Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center’s goal is to be a place of hope for those who feel hopeless, a place of safety for those who feel vulnerable, and ultimately, a place where they can experience the unconditional love of Christ. This is a ministry of presence---being present to those who are vulnerable or broken so that they can know the healing presence and love of Christ.