Client Stories


The CCPC often has long-term relationships with clients. Many times, the complex nature of the needs of our clients require ongoing support. One example of such a relationship is in the life of a client named “Natalie”. Natalie came to the Center three years ago when she found herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Natalie was in a very abusive relationship with her boyfriend, and CCPC staff lovingly counseled her over the course of many months. During this time of turmoil, Natalie dropped out of high school and moved away from the area. After a time, she returned to Middle Tennessee and re-enrolled in school. On numerous occasions, she felt overwhelmed trying to care for a baby and go to school at the same time. The CCPC staff continued to counsel with Natalie on a regular basis and encouraged her to stay in school. Natalie eliminated several unhealthy relationships from her life and overcame great obstacles to graduate this past May. Staff members have also helped her to realize a dream that she never thought would be possible as she registered for college courses this fall.

Natalie would proudly tell you that the CCPC is her family. She found the unconditional love and support there to truly help her transform her life.